Article: Female Leaders in CRE & Tech: Part III with Natalie Wainwright

“During a recent trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, I had the amazing opportunity to meet Natalie Wainwright, an exclusive Tenant Representative with Cushman & Wakefield Commerce. As a successful, passionate professional and President-Elect of CREW’s Las Vegas chapter, Natalie has a wealth of insight to share regarding women in the workforce and pursuing a career that makes you excited to wake up on Monday morning. It was an honor to include Natalie in this series – please freely share this piece with your network!”

What first attracted you to commercial real estate?

I’ll never forget, I was a Broker Assistant here at Cushman & Wakefield Commerce and my now partner, Dan Palmeri, was driving me around the valley in an attempt to familiarize me with our market. As we were driving, my brain was bursting from the level of knowledge he had and the intricacies of each and every office building. He looked over at a building he had just fully leased and said, “It makes you look at your city differently, no longer can I drive around and just mindlessly cruise. I now look at my client’s signage on their buildings, and get to point them out to my daughter and tell her I leased that building. I feel like I am helping out my city in a little way that’s all mine.”

It was then that I had a vision of being able to drive past a beautiful class-A office building, turn down the music and tell my own kids, “Hey guys, that’s mom’s client.” Four years later I am able to do just that, nearly every time we are in the car. I love the process of relocating an out-of-state client into our market, showing the various opportunities, and then assisting them in their new lease or purchase. Commercial real estate doesn’t have the emotion of residential, yet it still packs a powerful punch. Commercial has a long-standing effect on the community though hiring employees, bringing a needed service to the area, and over time becoming a partner to the community.

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